10 Things To Do in Kasol

10 Things To Do in Kasol

The city life in this modern day and age can get stressful and mundane. The vicious cycle of home-office-home keeps on moving in a loop. A lot of young people are breaking through this monotony and traveling north towards the Himalayas. The villages in Himachal Pradesh are gaining popularity as the lifestyle in the villages are slow paced, relaxed and offers fresh air. If you find yourself in the quaint little town of Kasol, here are some exciting activities you can engage in; 


Himachal Pradesh is a haven for trekkers. The perfect landscapes, rivers, meadows, snow capped peaks and lush valleys. Kasol is a gateway to  the evergreen Kheerganga trek which is set in the Parvati Valley. The beautiful trek to Kheerganga awaits a challenging trail full of boulders and steep hills. The white gushing river of Parvati accompanies you till the end. 

Walk along the Parvati River

The Parvati River has an odd white color to its waters which was believed to be similar to ‘Kheer’. The river flows in a melodic way unlike the Beas river which has sharp and risky turns. The waters turn violent during the monsoons where the currents are rapid and perfect for kayaking and water sports. 

Visit Tosh

Witness the classic and traditional Himachali style houses and village of Tosh. This small village in Parvati valley is 2400 m above the sea level and produces cannabis and other local vegetables of Himachal Pradesh. Experience the hospitable and welcoming Himachali culture in Tosh and get mesmerized by the pine and oak forests in the surroundings. 

Manikaran Sahib

This hilly Gurudwara Kasol is less than 10 km from Kasol. The Gurudwara is set right beside the gushing Beas River which also consists of a hot water spring. Dip your legs in the natural hot water springs and wash away all the exhaustion, mentally as well as physically. The Gurudwara offers some kind of soothing aura which calms the tourists. 

Chow Down Israeli Food

Kasol can also recognize as ‘Little Israel’ of Himachal Pradesh due to the Israeli nationals residing there. Surprise your taste buds with the delicious traditional dish of Shakshouka and cold desserts. The Isareali cute cafes are a must see and must visit place in Kasol. Mingle with new people and share your experiences in the mountains. 

Local Market

Visiting the local markets of any Kasol destination is a mandatory spot to explore. The local markets display the nature of the region, the people, their art, culture and heritage. Visit Kasol local market and purchase souvenirs for your loved ones and shop for yourself. Get yourself an amazing scarf or a colorful beanie as a memorandum of your trip to  Himachal Pradesh. 

Party on with  Local Alcohol

The alcohol in the Himalayas is different from the labeled drinks you consume in the cities. The alcohol in the mountains is homemade, free from added flavors or alcohol content and purely fermented products which gives a certain kind of kick to the drink. Try out the local beers and rice wines in Kasol. 

Visit Moon Dance Cafe

What makes Kasol stand out  is the cute cafes located right at the edge of cliffs. The experience of sipping you hot chai whilst enjoying the beautiful mountain and valley views is phenomenal. The cafes are down to earth with minimal design and great vibe. 


Riverside Camping in the lap of Himalayas is a once in a lifetime experience for  all the adventurers out there. The campsite is located near Chalal where you can go for a short hike and come back for a delicious dinner.  Have a bonfire night as the Parvati river flows silently beside you. 

Music Festival / Festival

Break a leg at the Hype Music Festival and headbang on the psychedelic tunes of Techno music. There is also a shangri-la festival where the party animals go and travel to another dimension. The festivals take place annually where you can party hard and trip harder. 

Kasol can conveniently connect by road to Manali and other cities in Himachal Pradesh. This mellow town is the best getaway from the hustling bustling life of Manali. There is nothing but abundant mother nature and its beauty in front of you. 

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